How to Create a Daily Glam Look

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

From your wardrobe to your makeup, achieving a glamorous look is about the total package. Young, dynamic and truly feminine best describe the glam look. With our beauty tips, you can realize your glamorous side in no time.

Dress to Impress

Glam wear is all about creating an influential style that is bold but still represents your personality. While wearing red carpet dresses dailyis certainly impractical, there are ways to achieve the glam look with a casual appeal.

To create a glam wardrobe requires adding a bit of sparkle. No glam wardrobe is complete without some glitter. While this does not necessarily mean sequined tops and bling from head to toe, but subtle additions for a flashy and sparkly appearance! Match a pair of denims with a sequined top or swop it around and don a plain T-shirt with studded denims.

Add on the jewelry that best complement your outfit and add a touch of sparkle. Don’t go overboard though. Everything in moderation for a hint of glam, invest in a pair of embellished pumps you can wear for a casual style or add a bling belt for a hint of glitter.


The makeup styles for a glam appearance including a well-manicured set of nails, bold eyelashes, sculpted eyebrows, and a fresh face. Invest in well-defined lashes with waterproof mascara reminiscent of the glam makeup style trends. A glam look is best achieved with a gel or liquid eyeliner. Brush along the edges or your lashes and round your eyes while gently smudging for an edgy smoky eye. Keep your lines full for a contemporary glamorous look.

Keep your skin well moisturized and apply a quality makeup primer. It helps extend your foundation. For oily skin, consider a retexturizing primer to keep those oil blotches at bay.

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