Chic Fashion Tips Straight From Our Style Boutique

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

If your personal style is best described as chic or wish to achieve this classic look, search no further! StyleDivastudio is your trusted beauty consultancy. Our services include a consignment boutique, wardrobe audits and in-home fashion consulting. We offer the latest on trend tips to help you create your oh-so chic appeal.

1. Invest in Classic Pieces

Although the shorts, T-shirt and summer dress clothing store is just up the road, for a chic look, this means investing in those timeless pieces that do not come and go as the latest fashion trends. What ruins our sense of chicness is our tendency to purchase items on impulse. Refrain from those two for one sales and instead, invest in a lasting leather jacket, classic dark denim, that little black dress and those comfortable snow-white tennis sneakers. A chic look is effortless and consists of casual pieces paired with a classic.

2. Chic can be Economical

If you want to recreate a chic look but without the debt, find your unique pieces through online sales and thrifting. Perhaps thrifting is not your style but you sure are missing out. Older pieces can be brought to life to create a classic look with some tender, loving care. An older denim jacket with a few contemporary buttons or a formal vintage jacket at a fraction of the cost from a clothing thrift store can transform a look instantly.

3. Take Time to Color Co-ordinate

Achieving a clean and sophisticated look is about correctly pairing your colors together. We recommend keeping the color palette simple and sticking to groups of two or three shades that best complement one another. A classic formal trouser paired with a white shirt and brightly colored blazer immediately set a classic aesthetic.

If you are looking to create a chic look but not sure where to start, SpaDivastudio has got you covered. Our specialized wardrobe consultants help women recreate their wardrobe including a unique retro-chic appeal.